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The Entrance of Mobile Business

in Latin America


We Stand at the Core of Mobile Life

We make life better through Mobile Platform, Solution, and Contents.

Mobile advertising
Mobile Advertisement

We provide mobile Ads

solution and platform

specialized in Latin America. 

Mobile contents
Mobile Contents

We develop mobile Apps

and distribute mobile contents

that make people happy. 

Mobile Game
Mobile Game

We discover the mobile games

those have great potential

and publish them in LatAm.

Lockscreen platform

Lock-screen Ad Platform


Enjoy all benefits from Lock-screen

Slide and get free coins on your lock-screen.

Also users can check out the latest news; Sports, Hot issue, etc.

Higher Attention Rate

Compared with the banner ads, the lock-screen ad provides

a remarkable attention because it monopolizes the entire screen.

Proven Business Model

Lock-screen Ads have already become a popular mobile advertising platform in countries like Korea, USA, India and Indonesia.


Who We Are

We are the Mobile Specialists.

 Movilest focuses on the mobile industry in Latin America. There are 200 million smartphone users and is growing at 10% per year. Movilest will make their life better through mobile services. 

 We have members with minimum 5 years of deep understanding of mobile business in South Korea. And we are happy to use this experience to contribute to the new era of Latin America.

Latin America

Contact Us

We are looking for the partnership

with all kinds of companies.

Let's make the world a better place with mobile.

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