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Personal Data that can be collected and processed

In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals, (hereinafter the "LFPDP"), Movilest Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "Movilest") located at LG ECLAT 1029, 780, Gukhoe-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, 07237, Republic of Korea is responsible for collecting your personal data, the use that is given to them and their protection, and makes this Privacy Policy available to you.

Privacy Policy

 In order to carry out the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, the personal data of the user of Movilest's services (the "User") that may be collected and subject to treatment are:

- Name

- Location

- E-mail

- Mobile phone

- Telephone Company

- Date of birth

- Gender

- Google AD-ID


 In addition, Movilest may collect your Internet Protocol (IP) address to help diagnose problems related to the services provided and related to the use and administration of the Application or the Site (as defined below). An IP address is a number that is assigned to your computer when you use the Internet. Your IP address is also used to help identify the Card User within a particular session and to collect general demographic and statistical information.

 The information may be collected in a personal way, by e-mail or from different areas of the mobile application COCOIN (the "Application") or the website (the "Site") when using the services provided by Movilest. The Application will collect information from the User on a continuous basis without further notice.


 Movilest does not require any sensitive personal data to be treated, so it will not collect data of that nature.


 Movilest and / or its affiliates, subsidiaries, parent companies, partners, or commission agents may conduct such inquiries and actions as they deem necessary to verify through any third party, dependency or authority, the veracity of the information provided to them, As well as suspend temporarily or definitively the services in favor of those users whose data could not be confirmed.

Purposes of treatment

 In order to be able to provide a service in a personalized way and according to your particular needs, as well as to generate an atmosphere of trust among users of the services, Movilest will use the personal data provided to:


- Provide commercial advertising and brokerage services through the Application and the Site.

- Conduct promotions and surveys as well as the sending and transmission to third parties of information and publicity related to said services.

- Inform the User who requests it, on the availability of contents or services according to their needs, preferences or tastes.

- Contact the User to inform him about offers, promotions, requirements and availability of contents and services.

- To fulfill obligations contracted with the User or with third parties, derived from the services rendered by Movilest in favor of the User.

- Report on changes to our services.

- Conduct internal studies on the demographic data, interests and behavior of users, with the purpose of providing them with products, services, content and advertising according to their needs.

- Verify and confirm the identity or any data of the User.

- Perform and follow up on queries, investigations and / or reviews of the activities, operations, complaints and / or claims of the User related to the services contracted with Movilest.

- Comply with any applicable legal provisions.


 The foregoing purposes are necessary for the fulfillment of Movilest's obligations arising from the relationship with the User.


 In addition, Movilest may use your personal data to offer you, as the case may be, other products or services of your own or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, holding companies, associates, and / or brokers, purposes that are not indispensable for the fulfillment of the relationship which originated the contracted product or service.

Transfer of personal data to third parties

 Movilest may transfer your personal data to Mexican or foreign third parties when the transfer: (i) is provided for in a Law or Treaty in which Mexico is a party; (Ii) is necessary for the prevention or the medical diagnosis, the provision of health care, medical treatment or the management of health services; (Iii) is made to parent companies, subsidiaries or affiliates under the joint control of Movilest, a parent company or its associates; (Iv) is required by virtue of a contract entered into or to be entered into in the interest of the Contractor by Movilest and a third party, including, without limitation, airtime payment, discounts or promotions by such third parties or their commercial partners, services of parcels, the purchase of tickets, coupons or reservations in favor of the user; (V) is necessary or legally required for the safeguarding of a public interest, or for the procurement or administration of justice; (Vi) is accurate for the recognition, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial process; And, (vii) is accurate for the maintenance or fulfillment of a legal relationship between the user and Movilest.

 In any other case, Movilest will require the license to authorize the transfer of data that is necessary for the provision of the requested services.


 Cookies are small files that are installed on the hard drive, with a limited duration in time that help to customize the services. Cookies allow users to recognize, detect the bandwidth they have selected, identify the most prominent information, calculate the size of the audience, and measure some traffic parameters. We also offer certain functionalities that are only available through the use of Cookies.

 We inform you that in the Application and on the Site we use Cookies, web beacons and other technologies through which it is possible to monitor your behavior as an internet user, as well as provide you with a better service and user experience when browsing the Application or the place.

Limitation on the Use of Personal Data

 You may limit the use and / or disclosure of your Personal Information, including but not limited to your refusal to receive communications and promotions by Movilest by the procedure set forth below under the heading "Access, Update, Rectification, Cancellation of Personal Data , Limitation of Use and / or Revocation of Consent ".

Access, Update, Rectification, Cancellation of Personal Data, Limitation of Use and / or Revocation of Consent.

 The User is entitled at any time to access, rectify, oppose and / or cancel the personal data that Movilest has collected, as well as to limit its use, oppose or revoke its consent to such treatment ("ARCO Rights"). For the purpose of the above, the User must send via email to the following address the respective request, which must contain at least the following: (i) the full name and address of the User to communicate the response; (Ii) a copy of the document proving the identity or, as the case may be, the legal representation of the User; (Iii) the description of the personal data of which it is sought to exercise some ARCO Law; (Iv) any other element that facilitates the location of personal data; (V) the ARCO Law that it intends to exercise; (Vi) a brief account of the reasons for which he intends to exercise the ARCO Law. Movilest will notify you within 10 (ten) business days of the submission of your request, the response to it. The cancellation of your data will be subject to the provisions of article 26 of the LFPDP.

Revocation of consent

 You can revoke the consent as well as oppose the processing of your personal data for the additional purposes, for which purpose, you must send the respective request via email to the address However, it is important to note that for certain purposes, revocation of your consent may mean that Movilest is not in a position to continue to provide the service you requested, or the termination of your relationship with Movilest. You should also consider that in all cases we will not be able to take care of your request or stop the use immediately, as it is possible that for some legal obligation we will continue to treat your personal data for an additional term.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy

 Movilest reserves the right to make changes or modifications to this Privacy Policy at any time, in which case, it will communicate said modification through the Application, the Site, or by e-mail to the address that is provided to us. The User will have a period of 10 (ten) working days from the publication of the modifications in the Application, the Site or, where appropriate, the receipt of the respective electronic mail, to express any objection or nonconformity to said modifications.

 Any doubts or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, as well as the exercise of any other rights that under the Law correspond to you, should be addressed to the Privacy Advisor at the email

 This Privacy Policy is available on the Application and on the website

 The User consents that his personal data are treated for the purposes and in accordance with the guidelines contained in this Privacy Policy.


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